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Reconnecting with your Real World ecosystem to harness Real World opportunities 

Every day the healthcare world around us becomes more complex. New generations of doctors and patients behave in new ways. Digital and social technology is changing the way we communicate. It has never been more difficult to develop relevant, high-impact marketing content across multiple global markets.

The Real World Challenge

Healthcare brands need to stay ahead of the changing needs and demands of clinicians and patients. Driving future sales growth is an almost impossible challenge if brands are disconnected from audiences who are digital and social media natives.

Real World data and Real World evidence are pivotal for medical research and commercialisation, and digital healthcare marketing is no different. True effectiveness is only possible through understanding how to move clinician and patient audiences at every step of their educational or buying journey.

Big Team. Big Impact

At BBI Health we are always seeking Real World insights to tackle Real World challenges. We understand how to devise winning strategies in the global pharma, medical devices and consumer healthcare markets. We have the expertise and experience to deliver Real World impact. 




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Our Healthcare specialists

Our approach

Our team of BBI Health strategists have brought together the best practices from the wider BBI business across B2B and B2C markets and created Customerology for Health™, our unique and proven methodology for relevant, timely and highly effective digital healthcare marketing.

We call this approach Customerology™ and it is at the heart of everything we do. In essence, carefully crafted experiences guided by insights and behaviour. For you, this means more meaningful connections at every point of the customer journey.

01. Strategy that inspires action

Customerology for Health™ unlocks the latest digital and social media Real World insights. From understanding the issues, wants and unmet needs of clinicians and patients within therapy areas or for medications, to following peer-to-peer and general clinician discussions around clinical studies and virtual congresses.

02. Real-word content

Our healthcare strategists will work closely with you to develop advanced and competitive digital and social engagement strategies that meet your unique marketing requirements. At BBI Health, we take pride in creating Real World content that successfully reconnects with clinician, peer-to-peer, patient or advocacy audiences. This can also activate a wealth of untapped educational and commercial opportunities.

03. Next generation innovation

We are living through a generation-defining moment which is illuminating deeper, systemic challenges to global healthcare systems. It is also inspiring digital and social media innovation at breakneck pace. Amid the disruption, we’ve been thinking hard; considering how to adapt our expertise in digital and social media to the needs of tomorrow's healthcare and take digital health marketing far beyond its traditional forms.  

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