Navigating the digital and social world in healthcare.

Reconnecting with your Real World ecosystem
to harness Real World opportunities 

Digital and social media data are the new currency in healthcare marketing. Creating highly impactful content for digital and social media goes beyond creating scientifically credible content with visibility throughout traditional healthcare channels.

To successfully navigate the new world in healthcare and generate successful engagement and impactful outcomes, Real World content has to meet eight prerequisites:
  1. 01 Relevant in real life
  2. 02 Hyper-targeted
  3. 03 Hyper-personalised
  4. 04 Self-service on demand
  5. 05 Memorable
  6. 06 Shareable
  7. 07 Peer-endorsed or patient-validated
  8. 08 Truly differentiating


Discover our range of innovative strategic, creative, digital, social and performance services, activated by our industry-validated and innovative Customerology for Health methodology. At BBI Health, our healthcare strategists passionately collaborate with clients working towards one shared goal.

To truly excite and deeply connect with clinicians and patients through Real World content that generates real impact for healthcare companies.


HCP & patient personas & customer journeys

To ensure relevance on content, channels and messaging in real life and enable hyper-targeting and hyper-personalisation of newly generated Real World content.

Social listening audit

For insights about patients and HCPs around specific therapy areas, clinical studies, launched drugs and virtual congresses to ensure relevance in real life and true differentiation of Real World content.

Marketing Strategy
Brand Strategy
Data Insight & Analytics


High impact interactive content

Creating or repurposing content across multiple formats, such as video, podcasts, infographics, animations, interactives and augmented reality to improve relevance, memorability, shareability and differentiation.

Digital and social content hub

Centralised digital and social guides, tools and campaigns that can be tailored to meet local needs and specific HCP and patient audiences.



Always-on content accessed through self-service channels

Real World content to highly relevant, memorable and easy-to-digest drug and treatment information for HCPs.

Personalised HCP content for the latest educational and scientific data

Highly relevant Real World content tailored to meet the professional, educational and therapy specific information needs of HCPs.

DOL audit and patient influencer strategy and engagement 

To ensure relevance, memorability and shareability of Real World content that is either peer-endorsed or patient-validated.

Social Media 
Public Relations 
Influencer Engagement


Hyper-targeted and high-performance reach and conversion strategy

For medications or medical devices to engage with clinicians and patients through PPC, paid, SEO and social channels.

Content audit with digital and social performance analytics

Aimed to increase the performance of existing content by retargeting of relevant existing content and relocating content across more effective digital and social channels, delivering improved impact through relevance, memorability and differentiation.

Digital and social optimisation of branded and unbranded websites

To ensure optimised relevance and hyper-personalisation of Real World content through CX and customer journey optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation 
Paid Social Media 
Paid Search & Display 

What our clients say

BBI have been pivotal in developing and executing our strategic plans. Their insight and marketing experience has provided us with invaluable guidance in our successful journey to success in the digital and social media space.

Global Marketing Franchise Lead

Dedicated, professional and clever. An excellent agency in both their ability to support us with commitment and know-how, but also in their consistent delivery of results across multiple engagement and activation initiatives.

UK Brand Marketing Director

We set BBI a significant challenge, to bring new thinking to our approach to patient and HCP engagement. Their expertise has played a key role in re-shaping our ethos and opened new avenues in how we educate, engage and retain our customers.

Global Scientific Communications Vice-President

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