Neurology Social media strategy & analytics

Uncovering opinions and attitudes
to support a virtual congress


  • Research & Insights
  • Social listening
  • DOL identification

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Our client was a major sponsor of an international Neurology congress, a major element of their medical communications strategy. Due to Covid-19 the Neurology congress switched its f2f program to a virtual congress, offering an opportunity to capture what would normally be a multitude of in-person HCP conversations now happening through in-congress digital platforms and social media.

The Challenge

They wanted to ensure a true understand of HCP opinions, discussion and attitudes around the event, as well as emerging clinical trial & data releases. Our client was interested in conducting this exercise across five key therapy areas, in which they were either developing a new drug or competing with their drug against many other pharma players.

The approach

We developed a data rich, multi-tool approach to measure social media engagement for the congress, enabling our client to understand the most influential and high impact conversations and unmet needs for Neurologists.

Insights included:

Key performance Real-World metrics:

  • Social channel popularity: dominated by Twitter, with an overview of the total mentions, average mentions per day and unique twitter authors.
  • Social media engagement: Top keywords, top entities, top hashtags, top social authors by following and top countries by social activity to gain insights in the conversational topics and sentiment.

High impact Real-World insights:

  • Top tweets: based on the number of retweets and analysis of the content to identify unmet needs.
  • Identification of the pharma companies with the most influential social content and analysis of their social content

Digital Opinion Leader insights:

  • Reach, level of engagement and influence on clinical opinion of key digital opinion leaders by country and each of the 7 therapy areas.


Our client has now engaged with 15 of the identified DOLs, across international and national markets, involving each in a series of virtual medical education programmes, advisory boards and social media based clinical programmes. 

  • 15 +

    new DOL partnerships

  • 40 k

    HPC's reached with content

  • 200 k

    content views across 17 markets

Our clients educational content reached +40,000 HCPs through DOL partnerships, with in excess of +200,000 content views  – a level of educational reach not attained through more traditional live events.  In addition 24 virtual advisory and education events where hosted.

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