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Improving the HCP and Patient online experience


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Our client is a world leader in the provision of Ostomy and Continence Care products. With an existing web and social media presence, they were keen to improve this, provide genuine value to HCPs and patients and be recognised as a market leader in online support and content provision, (both informational and educational).

The challenge

Our challenge was to optimise the existing website, improving the user experience and ease of access to relevant and valuable content, for both of the patient and HCP segments, to ensure our client would remain to be seen as the undisputed leader in Ostomy and Continence Care products.

The project kicked off during the early period of the global COVID pandemic, bringing the additional challenge of ensuring both content and experience were suitable for critical and specific support in the short-term, as well as transitional content for the longer term (post-pandemic). To do this, we carried out consumer research and social listening & analysis to identify to most up-to-date Real-World insights into patient and HCP needs, allowing us to phase content needs in terms of the varying pandemic stages. 

The approach

To ensure we were able to deliver an optimised website and content, in line with HCP and patient needs, a full content & UX audit was carried out. Analysing use of the current site, social medial analysis to identify unmet needs and keyword and search trends were all central elements of our gaining an understand of what target audiences were seeking from our client and helping shape a better content and user experience going forward.

This insight driven approach fed into our content strategy development, website articles, video and animation, user experience and user interface improvements. This also resulted in a series of social media campaigns (organic & paid) to both drive audiences to the website and ensure an enriched and engaging experience once there.

In conjunction with this, we created a ‘COVID Hub’ – a specialist area of the site providing specific support, content and information to patients and HCPs during the pandemic.


We delivered a regenerated website, covering >20 products and 37 national markets, now capable of delivering Real-World performance for our client.

  • + 200 %

    dwell time per visit

  • + 150 %

    downloads of support materials

  • + 125 %

    increase in social media engagement

The site now incorporated the COVID Hub, specific content for HCPs and Patients, a reworked topology, improved user experience, navigation and user interface and more than 40 original content articles covering a range of wellbeing and health topics (all identified through the initial analysis of unmet needs within ostomy and continence care).

In support of the site we produced a 3D product animation, a series of social media campaigns and press releases across all markets to ongoing support traffic generation for the site among new and existing HCP and patient audiences.

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