Go dark or go bold?

Tristan Morris



How do brands navigate their way through a new world of uncertainty?

In the face of a deep recession, it feels emotionally right to hibernate your brand and only re-appear once recovery is under way.

But proven data published by the IPA and other leading industry bodies shows that's not true for every business.

And in fact, failing to look after your share of voice now, could hurt your share of market much more than you’d expect.

Not just in the short term… but for years to come.

The coming 6 months will see some brands make big commercial leaps at the expense of their rivals simply by having analysed the appropriate level of activity for their business rather than opting for full retreat.

It’s time to check your marketing priorities against some cold hard effectiveness data.

And begin planning for the 3 key phases of customer behaviour post lockdown: Release, Reality, Recovery.

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